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Competition rules

  • The competition takes place on November 14-16, 2024 and is one-round.

  • The competition is announced in two basic groups A (five categories) and B (two categories). Group A includes students of private lessons, elementary art schools and amateurs, group B includes students of music gymnasiums, conservatories and music academies.

  • To be included in the category, the age of the older participant as of November 15, 2024 is mandatory.

  • Only original compositions for four hands or two pianos or their authorized versions can be played at the competition. The jury has the right to request the presentation of sheet music for lesser-known compositions before the start of the competition round.

  • Younger categories can also choose a compulsory song from a higher category. Younger participants can compete in the older category.

  • Memorization is not a requirement. No person is allowed to turn the notes. The position of the pianos against each other is unchanged.

  • The jury reserves the right to stop the game if the time limit is exceeded.

  • The awarding of prizes, extraordinary prizes (extraordinary prize for the performance of a composition by Vlastimil Lejsko, extraordinary prize for the performance of a work of classicism, listeners' prize, prize for the best Czech duo) and honorable mentions are decided by an international jury. The jury's decision is final.

  • The announcement of the winners and the presentation of prizes will be held at the end of each competition day.

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